The KEY to stopping phishing

Phishing is the practice of stealing information by posing as a legitimate company. Phishing scams are a persistent problem that have fooled many. However, Google may have come up with the solution! To prevent their employees from being a victim of such scams they issued all of their employees with a key, in the form of a USB dongle. Since then not one of its employees have been scammed!

The way the system works is by implementing ‘tw0-factor authentication.’ Two-factor authentication requires you to provide to peieces of information to log into your account, such a password and a one-time use code. This means that even if someone’s password is stolen, they still cannot access your account without the second piece of information – in this case a code. What Google has done is to replace the code with the key. Because the key uses USB no special hardware is required to be fitted to your computer.